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À la carte for spontaneous guests

You are also welcome to drop by spontaneously and try your luck to see if a table is still available.
If you're not so hungry, you can also order individual courses from the a la carte menu.


You are also welcome for an aperitif or a glass of wine, provided we still have a table available.


In summer you can enjoy the pulsating life of Torstrasse from our small terrace.


We look forward to seeing you!



Sourdoughbread „Larry“, turnip pesto, pickled vegetables                        7


Eggplant paté, black garlic, green strawberry                                                18


Sunflower seeds kimchi, goat cheese miso, chives-vinaigrette               18


Pike & its caviar , smoked eel                                                                                22


White aspargus, butter foam, wild garlic                                                          22


Celery root, cheese, charcoal apple                                                                   26


North frisian Wagyu beef, black fungus, parsley                                            31



Champagne-butter-ice cream, black currant                                                   9


Rhubarb, hazelnut, buckwheat                                                                             18

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