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Current menu

We serve you our menu with a matching beverage selection

Please inform us about food intolerances or allergies in advance. 
We are looking forward to hearing from you! 


porcini, beetroot


old and new

Larry, carrot 60/6


eggplant paté, hazelnut, white currant

Moor carrot, Charcuterie, XO, Kimchi

Pâté en croûte,

duck, guinea fowl, bbq plum,

spruce needle + 18,00 EUR

Leipziger Allerlei,

egg yolk, ramson, yeast


celeriac, cheese, charcoal apple

Roebuck from Schorfheide,

smoked nettle, beetroot + 32,00 EUR

Champagne, bergamot, verbena

milk, birch


black currant wood, caramelized buttermilk


Pâte à choux

menu "all" 159,00 EUR with wine pairing 105,00 EUR

menu "almost all" 120,00 EUR with wine pairing 75,00 EUR

(“Suppe mit Sinn“ – 1 EUR for the Berliner Tafel e.V.)

beverages prices in EUR and incl. 19% vat

food prices in EUR and incl. 7% vat



Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 6:30 pm. Reservations via this link

Your data will be stored for a period of 4 weeks. Please be assured that we will treat your data confidentially. 

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